271 Lincoln Ave Ridgewood NJ | info@rcrcnj.org
Services each Sunday at 10:30am

Beliefs & Mission

We are a Bible-believing, evangelical fellowship that is part of the Christian Reformed Church in North America, whose faith is expressed in three ecumenical creeds of the ancient Christian Church and three confessions from the European Reformation.

More information is available on the main website of the Christian Reformed Church in North America including a summary of beliefs.

Our congregation has for many years embraced this self-definition:

The Ridgewood Christian Reformed Church is a community of people drawn together by Jesus Christ to learn the truth about God, ourselves, and the world; to worship God, who is worthy of all praise; to celebrate the life that God, through Jesus Christ, now gives us; to be transformed by the Holy Spirit into disciples of Jesus; and to be the instruments through which Jesus draws others to himself.