271 Lincoln Ave Ridgewood NJ | info@rcrcnj.org
Services each Sunday at 10:30am


Prayer is an important part of our weekly worship services. A listing of items of thanksgiving and petition is included in the Sunday bulletin for members to use during their own devotion times.

During Sunday worship every few weeks, the pastor offers an extemporaneous prayer after taking requests from worshipers. Lay leaders alternate with the pastor in offering the congregational prayer on other Sundays. An elder is available after each Sunday service to offer private prayer.  Written prayer requests may be placed in the Sunday offering plate or a box posted in the church parking lot.

You are welcome to email the church any prayer requests that you would like our pastor and members to include in our prayer times.

During Lent

Members and friends are invited to gather at various homes for Soup and Lenten Prayers on Wednesdays starting at 6:30pm.  Contact the church office for information on each week’s location.